Brighter Future for the Community!

To our valued customers and partners,

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the changing lives and daily routines of communities around the world. These changes are forcing governments and traders to take unprecedented action.

Digitization is becoming an important element in the industry today to remain relevant. We need to innovate faster and better. This requires a change of mindset and culture. The global technology community needs to be interdependent to ensure the well-being and best performance for all.

Today, we are witnessing significant changes where jobs are done remotely with access to digital services in every domain, including medical, education, finance, entertainment, and more. In the coming years, digital services will be more widespread as communities begin to adapt and the number of those working from home grows.

We developed a unique technology community. It touches on almost every aspect of the life of the world community. We are highly confident with the technology we have, More important successes will be achieved to bring impact globally. My expectation, there is no difference in this critical period. We look forward to your continued partnership on this journey.

What we do today will make a difference for tomorrow and beyond. I am confident that Paradise Linx will continue to be an innovative company for all and trusted by community members – not just now, but forever! ..

Nordin Bin Othman
Chief Executive Officer