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Prepaid Card is a cashless payment instrument that allows you to purchase good and service at all merchants worldwide and cash withdrawal at any enabled Atm’s worldwide.

You can use as debit or credit card as well. Fund must be credit into your Prepaid Card before make any transaction. Cardholder must ensure that fund will be sufficient before any transaction is made.

Credit cards are also called as debt cards. You buy or shopping first and make payments later. It comes term & conditions to apply it. One of the conditions is amount of annual income. Not all individual afford to get it.


Debit card is a card that is linked directly to a bank account. To easy understanding, we call it as a debit-account. Cards that do not have a bank account are not call a debit card. The debit card cannot be used if the bank account does not have sufficient balance amount.

Debit card also can use as an ATM card to withdraw money at any ATM machine. This card is actually just a tool to spend money and ‘do not have any monetary value in it’.


Prepaid Card difference from the two types of cards above, though the concept is same as a debit card, but it does not linked with any bank account. The concept of this prepaid card is how much money in the card, only that values that we can spend. The concept of this same as Touch n Go cards and phone prepaid cards that need to reload before used it.

Benefits include of the following:

  • No minimum income to apply
  • No bank account needed
  • Convenience in making payments at selected merchants worldwide
  • Cash withdrawal from Atm’s (VISA PLUS) worldwide
  • Online shopping
  • Applicant must be at minimum 18 years of age
  • Applicant must have valid email address and Malaysia registered phone number
  • Applicant must provide valid residential address
  • Applicant must submit a valid copy of identification document

There have 3 type of deposit whereby the merchant will hold your funds for a short period.


  • Petrol Stations – When you pay at the pump, the merchant will ‘embargo’ RM200 in your Card Account, even though you didn’t pump petrol of that value. The unutilized funds will be released within 24 hours back into your Card Account. To avoid this, best to proceed to the cashier counter and pay the exact amount with the card.
  • Hotels – Some hotels will ask for a ‘deposit’ upon your check-in with payment card. Do ask them how much they plan to take as a ‘deposit’. This amount will be put on “hold”. The merchant will ‘release’ the funds after you check out, but sometimes may take a few days.
  • Recurring Payment – If you sign up for this, please ensure you have sufficient funds in your Card Account before its due date.

Protect and keep your card as if it cash. Keep it safe place and do not share your card number and pin to anyone. It is very important to cardholder to keep card, card number and PIN number from being fraud or misused from unauthorized person.

Please call us immediately to deactivate your card before it can be used by unauthorized person.

Yes, it is stated on your card. If the card have zero balance for 3 consecutive months, your card will automatically be terminated.

Yes, for cash withdrawal, the daily limit is RM2,990.00 .

Yes, the minimum amount need to keep into the card is RM10.00. This amount will be keep and cannot withdrawal for cash.

Yes, the maximum amount that you can keep into the card is RM10,000.00.

Before transaction is made, cardholder must ensure that balance must be sufficient before use it. Please check balance of your card before made any transaction.

There have 4 method for cardholder to reload their fund into the Prepaid Card.


Reload Method



Via Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

CIMB Bank only


Via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

CIMB Bank only


Via Online Banking

CIMB Cliks only


Via E-pay

Selected kiosk

Yes, its depend on reload channel that you choose. Please refer to the table below:






RM 30.00 – RM500.00 per transaction

Within 30 minutes

RM2.00 per transaction


Minimum RM1.00

24 hours



Minimum RM10.00

24 hours



Minimum RM1.00

24 hours